Dr. D’Aunno

Dr. D’Aunno

Dr. D’Aunno

Principal Investigatior

Dr. D’Aunno is a distinguished medical professional holding dual board certification in Internal Medicine and Addiction from the American Board. Their impressive academic journey includes a degree from the University of Texas School of Medicine at Houston (MD) and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston (BS), highlighting their unwavering commitment to medical excellence. As a seasoned investigator, Dr. D’Aunno  has delved into the realms of Pain, Psychiatry, and Addiction populations, contributing significantly to these fields. This dedication to advancing medical knowledge is underscored by their extensive publication record, featuring numerous peer-reviewed journal articles that showcase their expertise and passion for enhancing patient care.



Apply to participate in a study of an investigational pain medication following a bunion removal.


Apply to participate in a study after hernia repair surgery.